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PetSutra Squeaky Layered Toy, Made from Suede Leather ( Butterfly Shaped)


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PetSutra Butterfly Shaped Squeaky Layered Toy is an ideal chewing and teething toy for small breed puppies like Pugs, Chihuahua, Beagle, Shih Tzu, Dachshund etc. This leather toy will help them in their teething stage. The material used in manufacturing this toy is natural leather, hence it is completely safe for them.

PetSutra Squeaky Layered Toys

PetSutra squeaky layered toys come in different animal shapes. These chew toys are made from top quality suede leather & cotton rope. These chew toys will help in fighting anxiety & boredom. Especially when you are away and dogs are home alone, these dog toys help them keep engaged & fight loneliness and depression. These can also be ideal toys for cats to play with.

You will be mightily impressed with the detailing of these toys. From the devilish eyes of the animal to their ears, nose & tail – the finish is top notch. These dog toys are double stitched and highly durable which makes them an ideal company for delicate chewers, scratchers, and fun playful pets.

Safe & Natural Material for your Pet: All dogs love chewing their toys, a good dog toy shouldn’t be made of harmful chemicals or fabric which can hurt your dog’s health. PetSutra animal shaped squeaky toys are made with 100% Natural Cotton & Suede Leather and are extremely safe for your dog for chewing with no added chemicals and harmful colors. A natural toy without harmful chemicals helps in maintaining your dog’s gum health.

Unique Animal Shape & Design: The unique animal shapes like Elephant, Cat, Rat, Hippopotamus, Owl etc will keep your pet engaged. The cute & colorful design is attractive to keep pet’s attention. The edges of these dog toys will satisfy dog’s chewing needs and urges. The premium quality suede leather will not damage even if your cat scratches the toy.

Here are some benefits of an Interactive toy for your Dogs:

1. Mental Stimulation: Mental stimulation is just as important for your dog as physical stimulation. Encourage your dog to self-entertain with interactive toys in order to provide a simple and fun way to get mental exercise.
2. Problem-Solving Skills: Dogs are intelligent creatures and have some thinking skills that are similar to human thinking skills. They are able to learn facial expressions, hand gestures and can learn by imitation. Give your pooch a chance to sharpen his skills with these kinds of toys. This can improve your dog’s confidence and decrease their anxiety.
3. Weight Management: As with physical exercise, mental exercise is necessary to keep your pet active and happy. Fun purpose-driven toys are a great way to improve your dog’s fitness. If you have a high-energy dog, interactive toys will tire them out.

We suggest not giving these toys to aggressive chewers, as they tend to destroy the toy, instead of playing with them. Under the pet parent’s guidance, the PetSutra animal shaped squeaky toys are good for puppies from 5 months to grown-up medium sized dogs like Labradors.


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