Petsutra Hedgehog Cat Teaser Toy

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Petsutra Hedgehog Cat Teaser Toy tends to keep the cats and kittens engaged which stops their unwanted scratching and clawing. This product keeps your cat free from the boredom, it makes them exercise when they play with it, it also forms a great bonding between the pets and pet-parents and these products are long-lasting as they are made of high-quality material which is also safe for you and your pets.

PetSutra Cat & Kitten Toys


-- Stops Unwanted Scratching and Clawing : PetSutra Cat & Kitten Toys tend to keep your kitty engaged and thus helping in stopping (or reducing) the unwanted scratching and clawing. -- Attractive: PetSutra Cat & Kitten Toys are attractive enough to keep the cat engaged for longer durations. Our cat toys attract the attention of cats easily because of their designs. Every PetSutra Cat toy has a unique feature of its own, which makes the cat busy so that they will not have time to destroy your furniture.

-- Freedom from Boredom: Cat toys help domesticated cats engage and exercise when their parent is not around. Cat toys prevent cats from going into boredom and depression, hence it is always advised to give your feline friend with ample toys to play and engage with.

-- Exercise: PetSutra Cat & Kitten Toys will keep your cats hooked to their toys for a longer durations, and they’ll be exercising along with playing, thus improving their overall health.

-- Bonding: PetSutra Cat & Kitten Toys will help you increase your bond with your cat, as some of these toys require the parent to play with the cat. Even if some of the toys don’t require the parent’s involvement, it is always advised to get involved with your cat, during their playtime, so that it helps in increasing Bonding with your feline friend.

-- Durable : The product is a result of high-quality materials that make it a durable cat toy. -- Apt for all ages: The PetSutra Dumbbell Cat Rope Toy is a plaything that is apt for felines of all ages and sizes.

Product Info

-- Ideal for: Kittens and Adult Cats.
-- Color: Multi-colored. -- Gender preference: Both genders