PetSutra Dog Toys Combo For Chewing And Teething Medium & Large Breed Dogs & Puppies

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PetSutra Toy Combo For Medium & Large Dogs provides different chewing and playing options for your puppy and dog. The material of these toys are safe for your dogs to chew. This combo gives you value for money to you & variety to your dog.

PetSutra Big Rubber Ball Toy

What breeds of dogs can play with this toy?

The PetSutra Big Rubber Ball Toy is ideal for Big Breed Dogs who are super active & love to play Fetch game with their parents. It would be perfect for large & giant breed dogs like German Shepherd, Saint Bernard, Husky, Labrador, English Mastiff & Great Dane.

Is this toy safe for dogs?

PetSutra Big Rubber Ball Toy is absolutely safe for your dogs. It is not uncommon for dogs to grow attached to this ball and carry it around in their mouths and even enjoy cuddling up next to the toy at night.

Do my dogs really need a Ball toy?

Although your pet dog (or dogs) doesn’t exactly need the Petsutra Big Rubber Ball Toy to survive, there are many physical and mental benefits to having this charming and durable ball toy in your home. It provides your pet with exercise, amusement and more.

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PetSutra Big Rubber Ball Toy

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