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Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food (1.2 KG)

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Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food is a superfood for pups of growing age. It contains right levels of all essential nutrients that are vital during the growth phase of a puppy.

Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food

We all want our pup to be better than the others! Stronger, healthier, shinier! But hey, you can’t be feeding your pet the ordinary and expect extraordinarily. That’s like expecting your cat to cuddle with; when you want to!

Drools Focus Puppy Super Premium Dog Food is a superfood for puppies. It supports your dog’s natural defenses. It contains natural antioxidants, vitamins and organic minerals that ensure robust skeletal development and helps improve bone strength. Carefully chosen ingredients help reduce any food sensitivity in puppies and satisfy their fussy appetites. Probiotics in the food support optimal digestive functioning and prebiotics help balance intestinal flora which contributes to good stool health!


Supports Natural Defenses: Drools Focus Adult Super Premium gives your pet a balanced supply of nutrition, superfoods and antioxidants building their natural defenses and boosting their immune system.

Improves Bone Strength: Organic Minerals make sure that your dog’s skeletal development is optimum and improve joint health. Your pet would have joint health so strong even Fevicol would want to sign them up.

Easy Digestion: Probiotics in the food support the digestive system and intestinal flora making digestion easier, gentler and poop health perfect!