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Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food (15 KG)


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Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food is a complete extruded food for adult dogs with high physical activity, with a careful selection of natural ingredients.

Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food

Is your doggo super active and don’t let you rest? Then, the diet you give should also meet the energy requirements of your little Mr/Ms. Energetic.

You need not hunt for it as anywhere as PetSutra present pet-parents’ favourite Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food for your super buddy. This Dog food provides loads of energy to your dog by strengthening their muscles.

For Working & Show Dogs…’s a Yes! This feed provides high energy to working and show dogs, who require more energy.


Apt for Super Active Dogs- Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food is apt for super active dogs like working or show dogs whose energy requirement is more than the rest.

Contains L-Carnitine- L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Low Ingestion- This feed provides high energy to your adult dog; low volume of ingestion.

Strengthens Muscles- As this food provides a good amount of protein to your working adult dogs, it also promotes great and strong muscles, thanks to the presence of high-quality meats.

Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food Nutritional Benefits

Dibaq Group is one of the leading international manufacturers and specialists in animal nutrition. They are the giant suppliers to the pet food industry. In order to improve and have more efficient service DIBAQ GROUP is in over 30 countries around the Mediterranean, Europe, America and Asia.

From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to offer the best nutrition solutions to the pets. Dibaq has provided tailored feeding and continuous monitoring of its results to numerous pet-parents worldwide.

Dibaq Intensive Adult Dog Food Ingredients


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