Captain Zack Excuse Me Fleas Dog Shampoo

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Captain Zack Excuse Me Fleas Dog Shampoo is a ideal shampoo for your pet. It contains Aloe vera, citronella, lemongrass and vitamin E which help in curing antibacterial, antifungal, mosquitoes, harmful pests and make their skin smooth & shinny, nourished and clean and act as a natural deodorizer.

Captain Zack Excuse Me, Fleas Dog Shampoo


Aloe Vera: Aloe has been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing to the skin. It contains prostaglandins, which may reduce inflammation and promote healing. Aloe Vera is cool to touch and will relieve your pet’s discomfort.

Aloe Vera is recommended in the following situations:

1. Soothes skin
2. Antifungal
3. Antibacterial
4. Anti- inflammatory

Citronella: Citronella oil is widely known as an insect repellent that is super effective against mosquitoes and other harmful pests. It has antifungal properties and deters harmful disease-carrying ticks and fleas. Research has suggested that Citronella Oil can help calm barking pets while giving them a citrus-like aroma, which is why we include it in our dog shampoo for ticks and fleas.

Citronella has the following benefits:

1. Natural fungicide.
2. Natural deodorizer.
3. Calming.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass essential oil is an effective cleanser for all skin types, making it the perfect ingredient for any puppy shampoo. It can sterilize your pet’s pores, serve as a natural toner, and strengthen their skin tissues and hair follicles. Its skin healing and bacteria killing properties will leave your pet’s coat shiny, fresh, and odour free.

Lemongrass is recommended for the following reasons:

1. Natural bug repellent.
2. Natural deodorizer.
3. Stress reducer and sleep aid

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is not only beneficial but also essential for your pet. It helps reduce flakiness and promotes a healthy and glossy coat. In addition, it helps improve skin condition by rejuvenating dry and itchy areas.

Vitamin E is recommended in the following situations:

1. Moisturizes.
2. Soothes dry and itchy skin.
3. Healthy and glossy coat.