What’s as exciting as deciding to get a canine home? Readying your home to welcome your pooch! Your journey towards becoming a responsible pet parent is being prepared and having everything your new family member may require. 

You need to make sure your home is as ready for the new addition as you are. There are several things you will have to get for your pet’s comfort while some are necessary for their safety. Keeping that in mind there are certain things you might even want to get rid of or be sure not to buy! For instance, certain indoor plants can be hazardous to dogs. So, you might like a plant for your home décor but decide not to buy once you become a pet parent. 

First things first, scrutinize your home to identify potential safety hazards. After dog-proofing your home, get ready to stock up on the basics to give your puppy a happy, healthy, and safe environment. 

Here’s a look at the essentials you need to buy before you get your pooch home:

Dog bed 

Finding a comfortable and cozy bed tops the shopping list especially when bringing home a pup. Puppies are like babies. They spend most of their time napping as they require a lot of sleep. Whether for a puppy or a big dog, you need to find just the right size for them as it should be spacious enough to allow stretching but cozy enough to make them feel secure. More than just a place to nap, the bed is going to be your pup’s comfort zone to bring their toys and chews. Invest in a durable bed that is easy to wash or dry clean. You can choose from a range of dog beds best suited for your dog as per their size and breed.   

Food essentials 

Before you shop for the basic food essentials for your adopted pet, find out from the shelter about your dog’s diet and preferences. You will have to make several decisions about the food options you will be offering your canine. There is a wide range of choices available today for dry dog food as well as wet or gravy dog food. Also, there are several debates on which of the two is a healthier and better option. We recommend giving a balanced mix of dry as well as wet dog food. When shopping for dog food, do check the ingredients and choose the ones that are nutritious and have no preservatives. For instance, ready to eat, fresh dog food such as vegetable stew or mutton liver stew. Buy small quantities of these basic nutritious food essentials and then add more as per your pet’s preferences and needs. 

Water and food bowls

You must always ensure your pooch is well hydrated at all times. It is, therefore, recommended that you buy multiple water bowls to place them at different corners of your home to encourage a good water intake. There are a few elementary things you need to keep in mind before purchasing water and food bowls for your new pet. The bowls should be easy to clean and be suitable as per the size of your dog. For instance, a 2-in-1 feeding bowl may be ideal for a puppy while you’d want a large bowl for a big dog. You can even add a fun element here by choosing something like a spiral bowl that also improves digestion by ensuring your pet eats slowly. 


A word of warning before you head to shop for toys for your pup. You will probably want to buy all of them! But before you go on to purchase a million toys, stop for a minute. The dog you get home might love some of them while totally rejecting others. It is a good idea to get a few toys to make for a fun and comfortable environment as you welcome the dog in your home. You can then take note of the preferences and purchase more at a later stage. You should also know that they are different for different purposes. For instance, plushies and squeaky toys are pure fun but rubber chew toys and rope toys are necessary for the teething phase. There are also a range of interactive toys to keep your pet busy. 

Grooming essentials 

You might already be aware but it is better to state it here that you cannot use human products such as shampoo and conditioner for your dog since their pH levels are very different from ours. But what is similar is the fact that, as for yourself, you need to look for non-toxic shampoo and conditioners for the dog.  You may choose to take your pet for regular grooming at a nearby parlour but you still need to have basic grooming essentials at home. These include brushes and combs to control and minimize dog shedding, nail clippers, and hair trimmers. And don’t forget toothpaste and brush; these are highly essential for your dog’s good dental health 


Stocking some delicious dog treats at home is a good idea. There are different types of treats available to choose from, such as chicken treats, jerky, biscuits & snacks, or chews. Get different types of treats for your dog to sample. Getting a variety in terms of textures and size is essential at the initial stage as it will help you gauge your dog’s preferences. You may opt for smaller size packs to begin with. 

Cleaning Up  Your Puppy

No matter how well trained your dog may be, poop accidents are inevitable. And if you are bringing home a puppy, then you better be prepared with a list of essentials. Paper towels, potty scoopers, spray for stain and smell removal, clean up or poop bags, litter pads etc are some of the things you must buy. 

There are several other things your dog is going to need sooner or later, such as collars and leash. But it is advisable to understand your dog’s walking pattern and behaviour before buying those essentials. You’d also want to buy cute things like dog T shirts or bow ties. The list is endless! For now, you can keep this list handy as you shop and get ready to bring your pooch home.