Why have your Dog Sterilised?

Having your dog sterilised is a common practice today ! It must be said that sterilisation, an intervention intended to prevent reproduction, is a source of comfort for our four-legged companions as for their pet parents.

The advantages of Sterlization

Sterilisation has many benefits, the first benefits are related to the health of your dog, as it improves their life expectancy and makes them a calm companion.

In the male

  • Limits the risk of running away and fighting with other dogs.
  • Eliminates or reduces the risk of certain tumors.
  • Reduces or eliminates the marking of the territory by other males.
  • Limits the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
In the female

  • Prevents the intrusion of male dogs in your garden during the heat period.
  • Eliminates or reduces the risk of certain tumors, including breast, ovarian and uterine.
  • Eliminate periods of heat (three weeks every six months).
  • Prevents accidental gestations.
Sterilisation has metabolic consequences

The risk of obesity is higher in a sterilised dog because sterilisation leads to a decrease in energy expenditure. The animal tends to eat more while its energy needs decrease by more than 30%. The most critical period is during the 2 months following the operation. This risk of obesity is greater in males than in females. Indeed, the weight gain, in particular fat mass, is double that of the sterilised female, which explains the higher proportion of overweight males.

 It is therefore imperative to monitor the weight of your animal and offer it in the days following the operation a diet suitable for sterilised dogs.Finally, it is essential to maintain or even increase the animal's physical exercise. Encouraging him to play and move will increase energy expenditure and therefore limit fat storage.

Should we choose an appropriate diet for sterilised dogs?

Yes, you have to opt for a food that helps prevent the risk of overweight thanks to an adjusted calorie intake (less fat and less carbohydrates that stimulate food intake), all while allowing to maintain muscle mass thanks to a high content of proteins of high biological value.