September is celebrated as Happy Cat Month by cat parents the world over. They go our of their way to celebrate and make them more joyous. But why just a month? Our little furry friends make us happy all year long, then why not return the favour and try to make our bundles of joy happy every month of the year! And admit it, you like to pamper your little feline all the time. But if you are looking forward to a special holiday to spoil your cat, then you can read our tips on how to make your cat happy easily but effectively in this post. 

Keep Them Groomed All the Time 

Cats like to stay neat and clean all the time, and they also do not like to be packed up with hair. Try to brush your cat’s hairballs regularly and trim the hair whenever needed. Cats also like it and feel happier when their owners brush their furs because it creates a super bonding between them and the owner. It’s a win-win! 

Give Them New Toys

Toys are the easiest way to make your pet joyful. Cat toys are not expensive, and a source of immense pleasure for your little feline. And it is not all play. Toys are mentally and physically stimulating for cats because they can spend most of their time playing with them. They also keep your little furry friend young, healthy, and smart. If your cat is bored playing with the same old toy over and over again, you can buy her some new ones and make her happy. 

Give Her New Treats 

Treats make everyone happy. Every pet likes it when their owner gives them new treats. You can also use treats as a way to reward good behaviour and thus make them happier.  For example, if you have told your cat not to meow when you are in the bathroom, and she has strictly obeyed your order, it's time to give her a new treat. Cat foods like fish, chunk gravy, tuna treats, etc., are not only delicious but healthy indeed for your cat.

Let Them Climb 

Cats are natural climbers. Wild cats enjoy climbing trees hunting for their preys. A pet cat too has those instincts. Make them happy by artificially creating spaces they can climb on. Look for cat trees that can fit into your space and décor. You could also add cat shelves in your home; these could be simple floating shelves mounted to the wall. 

Gift Her a Scratching Post

Cats are always scratching onto something because it keeps their nails clean, and as we have said before, cats like to stay clean all the time. But if you do not give them the right scratching post, then they will make your carpet, couch, or leather loafers are on the receiving end. So, why not make your kitten happier by finding a new scratching post for your cat and gift it on her birthday. 

Visit the Vet from Time to Time 

Cats like it when you take them to the veteran from time to time because the healthier they are, the happier they will be. Also, cat doctors tend to be friendly to the cats. That's why they like it when they find someone familiar to them, who understands them and also makes them happy. And visiting the vet regularly helps you in keeping your cat healthy and free from aggression.

Take Her Outside 

Not as much as dogs, but cats can be social too. They like to go out too and meet other cats or other animals that help them stay happy by broadening their social life. Take your cat to outdoor areas such as somewhere around nature, or to a new park, etc. You can also take them out on a holiday if you prefer. 

Provide Them with Necessary Cat Meds

Your cats do not like fleas, heartworms, or mites, and even if they stay indoors, they can still catch those parasites in their body. Since you are going to the vet regularly with your cat, you can also ask the doctor for cat meds that will help you keep parasites away from their healthy fur. 

Build Them a Cat House 

Cat houses somewhat look like dollhouses; they are cozy for your cat and also quite pretty. If you build something like that for them to make them happy, then surely your cat is going to love you. And if there is a sweet bond between the owner and the pet, the house is going to stay healthy and happy forever.

Consider Another Cat

What’s better than one cat? Two! No one likes to stay lonely and that goes for your cat too. Your cat may not be feeling lonely whenever you are home or when you two spend time together. But when you are at work or going to the supermarket, then your cat will feel the need for company more than ever. If you can maintain a multi-cats house, then consider another cat of her nature or someone similar that will help you keep both of the cats happy. 

Let Her Go for a Hunting 

Even when you bring her food from time to time, cats are a hunter by default, and if you can’t give them the hunting opportunity, then they will go bored and scary at the same time. Let her go outside on her own sometimes and do her own thing. It makes her happy.

Cats are low-maintenance pets, that's why it's easier to make them happy vis-à-vis a dog. If you love them, scratch their back sometimes, cuddle with them, buy them a new outfit, give them new treats, clean their platter regularly, and buy them milk, they will be happy. See, it’s all about doing little things for your cat more than spending a whole lot of money on materialistic stuff.