You have just adopted a puppy and of course, you love spending time with him.However, responding to all his requests is not a good solution. You absolutely have to teach your puppy to let go of you. He must be able to be alone for few hours without starting to howl and destroy everything in the home.

This learning of solitude must be gradual- without telling him anything, lock your puppy up for a few minutes in a room. When you reopen the door, don't praise your puppy, even if he's been calm, and don't scold him if he's messed up. Your departures and arrivals must be considered as natural events.

It will be easier for your puppy to be left alone if you have taken him for a long walk or spent some time playing with him before the separation. Tired, your puppy will be less tempted to destroy your habitat. Likewise, leave him an item of clothing that carries your scent and toys to occupy himself with: a bone to gnaw on, an accessory that delivers kibble.

If despite your best efforts, your puppy cannot stand being alone, he probably suffers from a disorder called "separation anxiety". Ask your veterinarian for advice. Depending on the case, he will advise you on a light medical treatment or refer you to a specialist in canine behaviour.