Could this be the dog with the longest tail? The Rampur Greyhound - shy, sensitive, alert, and faithful. This is a breed that has climbed its way to being top dog because of its intelligence, loyalty, and courage. Not long ago, Rampur Greyhounds were on the brink of extinction, making raising one a task because of the unfamiliarity towards the breed. Read along to learn more about the Rampur Greyhound!


The breed has been around for over 300 years - loving humans and protecting them. The courage and intelligence of this breed were known for their exceptional skills at hunting tigers, panthers, deer, boar, and jackals. Ahmad Ali Khan, the Nawab of Rampur, took great interest in this fearless hunter and the breed flourished until the 1950s. Once the Maharajas were out of power, the breed’s popularity declined until very recently when the Prime Minister of India encouraged citizens of India to adopt rare, indigenous breeds. 

About the Breed


Some Rampur Greyhounds are prone to allergies/food sensitivities. Once a veterinarian finds out whether your RG is allergic to certain ingredients in normal dog food, you can choose to start them on a hypoallergenic diet. Rampur Greyhounds are particularly prone to arthritis and need to be started on calcium supplements as early as eight weeks. Moreover, if you choose to feed your RG homemade or raw meals, digestion and immune supplements are necessary. 


Grooming a RG is easy and quick. They need a weekly coat brush along with regular nail trims, ear cleans, and teeth brushes to keep them in good shape. Since they do not shed much, Rampur Greyhounds do not need a professional groomer during shedding season and can do with a regular de-shedder. 


Rampur Greyhounds need a minimum of three hours of daily exercise in the form of running, jogging, fast-paced walks, swimming, fetch, agility, fly ball, treasure hunts etc. Any exercise that gets their heart pumping, muscles moving, and mind working for most of the day is beneficial to their overall health. RG also benefits from mental stimulation through scent work and interactive toys. 


Since they love to please, Rampur Greyhounds are very easy to train. They take pleasure in learning tricks and a sort of pride in knowing the rules. 


This is a fairly healthy breed with a few complications such as arthritis, bloat, hip and elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and deafness. Early detection and prompt treatment can delay the occurrence or reduce the intensity of such health complications.


With sufficient exercise, proper training, and all-round socialisation, Rampur Greyhounds make excellent family pets that thrive on the companionship and affection of their families. 

Rampur Greyhound - is it for me?

They are easy to groom and are minimal shedders.
Rampur Greyhounds are very intelligent and trainable
They are sensitive, affectionate, and playful even after puppyhood 
Rampur Greyhounds do not bark unless necessary 
They can live in apartments as long as they are exercised 
Rampur Greyhounds enjoy the company of children and senior citizens 

Rampur Greyhound - may not be for me?

They cannot be left alone for a long time. 
Rampur Greyhounds enjoy wandering and is likely to run away unless you have a fenced-in yard
They have a high prey drive, hence cannot live with other household pets like cats, critters, or birds.
They are large dogs and tend to take up a lot of space.

Rampur Greyhounds are an increasingly popular breed in India. With more and more people adopting and loving this breed, Rampur Greyhounds are inching closer to being top dogs!