Fan of the adorable snorting? Or the cute puppy dog eyes? Get yourself a Frenchie. French Bulldogs are unrivalled champions of being cute, cuddly, courteous, and charming. It is this personality that makes them one amongst the top 10 breeds everywhere!


French Bulldogs hail from England. During the industrial revolution in England, lacemakers crossed the Bull Dog with the Pug, then the Pug with a Terrier, and voila! - the French Bulldog. The dog was bred to come in different colours, and unlike most dogs, they can't swim. 

About the Breed


Never underestimate nutrition when it comes to a Frenchie. This is a breed that needs all nutrients in optimal balance more than other breeds. Why? Because of their weak immune systems. Frenchies can suffer from severe health complications if their bodies are undernourished; besides this, they are known to suffer from allergies to fillers and flavourings that come in most dog brands. Hence, it is vital to choose hypoallergic food or food that has natural, wholesome ingredients.


Grooming a Frenchie is a cakewalk! All they need is a weekly coat and teeth brushing, along with a nail trim and an ear clean. 


French Bulldogs do not need much exercise. In fact, their brachycephalic skull hinders their ability to walk or play for too long - the short snout makes them suffer from breathing problems. That's why most Frenchies find it hard to pant and cool themselves down in hot climates. Moreover, Frenchies must not wear tight collars or harnesses since that could further trigger breathing problems.


They enjoy training, but it has to be done in their own time. The Frenchies' stubborn streak is most often displayed during training. That said, this might not be the best dog for novice dog parents or those who do not wish to devote much time to training. 


Because of their anatomy, they do not breathe very well. They are also prone to food allergies, eye irritation, thyroid disease, and spinal complications. Raising a Frenchie can also raise your vet bill if proper care is not taken at home. 


They are even-tempered fun-loving dogs that fit perfectly into any kind of family. With good socialisation, Frenchies can make the perfect family dog!

Frenchies are fun, feisty, and fantastic. Do you think so too?
Frenchies are perfect apartment dogs, given their minimal barking.
They are even-tempered dogs who strike an ideal balance between lounging and playing.
French Bulldogs need very little grooming. 
French Bulldogs do not require much exercise.

Sometimes, a Frenchie may increase out-of-pocket expenses for some parents -
French Bulldogs come with a big baggage of health complications
They are always drooling - imagine slobber everywhere!
Frenchies tend to have a stubborn streak when it comes to obedience
French Bulldogs need a special diet to prevent illness
French Bulldogs cannot live in hot weather