Beware of the Pitbull - they will steal your heart! Fearlessness is a Pitbull's second name, and rightfully so - this is a breed that will lay down its life for his family. Eager to please, affectionate, loyal, could you not like this dog, right? Unfortunately, over the years, Pitbulls have earned a rather dual personality because of bad breeding and novice dog parents. Pitbulls are by far one of the most versatile, faithful, and gentle breeds as long as they have the right family to raise them.


In the early 19th century, Pitbulls were developed in England, Ireland, and Scotland, where they crossed the Bulldog and the Terrier to give rise to a strong dog to be used for dogfighting. Pitbulls were taken to pits and made to fight, and it is this aggression that drove them to be banned in several countries. However, the Pitbull we know of today is nothing but kind, gentle, loving, smart, loyal, and sensitive dogs. 

About the Breed


Pitbulls have a tendency to gain weight easily, so it is best to watch what you feed them and how much of it - including treats! A lot of treats go into training, and that tends to make up a whole meal. It is best to feed a Pitbull lean protein and dietary fibre instead of carbohydrates and fats. Remember to choose food that is made of wholesome ingredients rather than fillers like maize and soy since those provide only temporary satisfaction to hunger. 


It's almost too easy to groom a Pitbull. A weekly coat brush along with nail trims, ear cleans, and teeth brushes - and your Pit is as good as new!


Pitbulls need lots of exercise for two reasons - they tend to gain unnecessary weight quickly, and if not exercised, they can be destructive, aggressive, and cranky. Exercising a Pitbull is always fun because they're good at so many activities - running, fetching, swimming, hiking, drafting, agility, scent work etc. There's never a boring exercise day when you have a Pit - just be sure to never skip it! Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise since Pitbulls are always looking for ways to challenge their mind.


Training and socialisation must start early and is not optional when you have a Pit. They need to be taught everything about your lifestyle - who is family, who to be nice to, when to be calm etc. Some Pitbulls are stubborn, which is why the breed isn't a good choice for first-time dog parents. With patient positive reinforcement training, your Pitbull can learn to be the gentle giant he really is!


Pitbulls are prone to heart disease, allergies, obesity, thyroid disease, and hip dysplasia. Regular vet checkups along with sufficient exercise and a good diet should keep these at bay for as long as possible.


Pitbulls are gentle, sensitive animals who just want to be loved all day long! The only reason they turn aggressive is if not raised properly or trained through negative reinforcement. However, Pitbulls have a high prey drive, making living with other animals such as birds and cats not the best idea. 

Should I bring home a Pitbull?
They're one of the most loyal breeds in the dog world and love their family to bits.
Pitbulls require minimal to no grooming.
They are very intelligent and excel at many mind games like scent work and search-and-rescue
Pitbulls are excellent watchdogs and personal protection dogs.
They are always young at heart which means you'll have puppy playfulness for years to come!
Pitbulls are good with kids and other animals when socialized from a young age.

Why might this breed not be my best choice?
Pitbulls need lots of training to prevent them from turning aggressive around people and other animals
They do not like to be left alone and tend to be destructive or suffer from separation anxiety.
Pitbulls are quite mischievous and like to use their mind constantly
They need lots of exercise to blow off excess steam

It all boils down to how you raise them - if you raise them without proper training and socialisation, they will turn out to be aggressive. But, if you raise them with appropriate boundaries and ground rules, you will have a dog like no other!