Mini dogs have characteristics unique to their size.For example, to walk the same distance as a large dog, a small dog takes a much greater number of steps. In addition, with a generally active temperament, mini dogs are very dynamic.

Life Expectancy

Small breeds have the longest life expectancy in the dog population, they can live over 15 years. 

Higher Energy Expenditure

Due to their small size,  small dogs  expend more energy than large dogs. Comparing a Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the canine species to a Great Dane,  one of the largest dog breeds, the Chihuahua will carry out more activity to cover the same distance as compared to the Great Dane.Thus creating a higher energy expenditure from their systems.

Growth Phase

Most of the growth takes place during the first 6 months of life. At 10 months, a Mini dog has become an adult.

Excessive Appetite 

In adulthood, a small dog is more prone to being overweight than any other breed. We must not give  in to temptations  and be attentive to certain warning signs such as the appearance of fatty mass on the thorax, the back and the base of the tail, the decrease in tone, intolerance to exercise or heat.


Because small dogs have teeth proportionally too large compared to their jaws, the  dogs often have great oral sensitivity, resulting in the formation of tartar.And because their lifespan is longer than other dogs, this phenomenon becomes more pronounced over time. To attack tartar, it is essential to encourage the dog to chew, especially with a dental kibble which will ensure a brushing effect.