Birds are known for their flight, the way they spread their wings and dare to touch the sky. How correct is it to clip these wings and imprison them in a cage? In order to keep birds as pets, many people forget that nature has proper accommodation for every bird and animal. Before you cage any bird or find an injured bird and then keep it to yourself, you must understand the caging laws in India. Your lack of attention to the laws and regulations can land you in prison.

Technically caging any bird in India, even as pets, is illegal. You cannot cage a bird in the name of giving it a better life. But before you buy a bird, check if it is a wild bird or a foreign bird species. In India, the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 defines laws for caging birds and penalties on their contravention.

What Wildlife Protection Act Says About Caging?

India is a vast country, rich in natural resources, and home to thousands of birds and animals. Like humans, they also have some basic rights, and the first of them is to roam freely in their territories. Laws such as the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1960 have been drafted at Central Level to protect them and their rights. If a person contravenes the provisions of the law, they are subjected to criminal punishment, which is defined in the Indian penal Code.

The Wildlife Protection Act says that caging any wild bird is an offence under the Act. It includes doves, parrots, peacocks, etc. Peacock being a national bird is especially mentioned. It includes the birds you find injured or one that comes to your home. If you find a bird that has fallen from its nest or come to your backyard injured, inform the Forest Department. It is important as these wild birds know how to survive in the environment.

Penalties And Punishment

As per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, it is illegal to capture, kill, buy or sell, and clip a wild bird or animal. In contravention of the provisions, the offence shall be punishable with a fine which may extend to fifty rupees. In case of repeating the offence, it shall be punishable with a term which may extend to one month, a fine which may extend to 100 rupees or both.As per Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, if the bird you caged belongs to Schedule-I, the offence shall be punishable with a term which may extend to seven years or a fine up to Rs. 25000, or both.

Is It Legal to Cage Parrots in India?

Many people keep parrots as pets in their homes. They feed it, train it to talk, and take great care of the bird, but it does not change that it is illegal to keep parrots in a cage. A parrot is a wild animal, and any wild Indian parrot is illegal to be caged. If it is a foreign species, you can become a proud owner of a beautiful parrot, but mostly, what you see in Indian households is a red-necked Indian wild parrot.

Mostly, people cage these parrots when one of them arrives in their backyard or finds a baby. It becomes a member of the household, and no one gives a thought to laws and rules. The law is a bit lax, but its adherence is still important.

Though the law strictly prohibits caging Indian birds, people still keep it as a pet, which is wrong. It can land you in trouble. Why not get a bird which needs care? Several foreign species are available in the market, and you can get one of them.

Which Birds Can Be Kept in India as Pets?

When you visit a bird shop, there are several species of birds, and you might wonder and think that when they are caging the birds, then why can’t you. But remember there is a difference. These shop owners have to meet certain conditions, and they have a specified guideline about taking care of the pets.

Before you visit a shop, ensure that you know enough about which birds can be kept as pets in India. There are several foreign species of birds that have become popular in Indian households. The Brazilian and South American native beautiful cobalt Hyacinth Macaw, the Australian sandy dove, the Brazilian colourful Pineapple Conures, Australian budgies, Zebra Finches, and cockatiels, the South American Hahn’s Macaw and parrotlets, European Canary, etc., are some exotic birds which are finding their way in pet owners’ homes and hearts.

The best thing about these birds is, they are colourful, beautiful, and intelligent. Some of these are also fit for city life. You can train them, talk to them, love them, and they will make great companions. Also, you would not have to worry about breaking any laws about keeping birds as pets.  

Why is Keeping Birds in Cages Prohibited?

It is prohibited to keep birds in cages because it is a violation of their rights. Birds are meant to fly. People often argue that they are giving the birds a better and safer lifestyle than the wild. However, you know that is not entirely true. That said, there is no denying the fact that there are some birds have been specifically developed to keep as pets, and it is legal to keep them. But where wild birds are concerned, nature has its arrangements in place. Since time immemorial, these wild birds have lived in the wild, and keeping them in cages is wrong.