We've got that summertime...summertime sadness - a line that probably plays in your cat's head all summer. Cats and heat are usually the best of friends, especially if you have a long-haired breed like a Persian. Although cats tolerate the heat slightly better than dogs, they are more prone to heat strokes and hyperthermia. Here are ten products you need to keep your cat cool this summer -

Wet/Gravy Food

Since cats originally received their water from the prey, they are not used to drinking water from a source like a water bowl. But, today, we need them to drink sufficient water to prevent medical problems like heatstroke. Since cats rely on a food source for hydration, heavily nutritious wet food with an appetizing aroma is the best you can feed your cat, especially in summer. Moreover, wet food diets reduce the occurrence of health problems that stem from the kidney and urinary tract. The best-wet food cat diets are of a mousse consistency - they are nutritionally balanced, biologically appropriate, and downright yummy!

Dry Food

For the cats who like to stick to the original, dry food soaked in water makes a yummy summer meal. Remember to buy nutritious, wholesome, and tasty kibble since summer is known to decrease a cat's appetite. Whether you choose to feed your cat breed-specific food or one for their skin and coat, it is crucial to check the ingredients label for high-quality proteins and amino acids. Since cats are obligate carnivores, they derive most of their nutrition from protein - feeding them a homemade diet of single protein origin does more harm than good. You can practice rotational feeding to give your cat optimum nutrition - feed different kinds of protein, i.e. chickenlamb, fish - tunasalmon, and mackerel

Cat Shampoo - PetSutra


As much as they hate baths and prefer to clean themselves, cats do need an occasional hand in bathing and grooming. Most cats end up sticky and smelly in the summer heat, and that is when you need to bathe them because sticky and smelly fur is a host for skin infections. In such situations, you need to use a shampoo that solves your cat's fur problems - dry skinlong coat, or tick and flea.

Cat Toys - PetSutra


On summer days, when playing outside on a tree is far from fun, cats need something to keep their brilliant minds from being destructive and stressed. The solution? Toys. Play with your cat for at least an hour in the morning and evening to ensure that she gets sufficient mental and physical exercise no matter the weather outside.

Rod toys: These toys encourage a cat to use its instincts to 'hunt' the animal at the end of the rod - mouse, feather (bird), insect, fish etc. Rod toys promote both mental and physical exercise by stimulating a cat to focus her mind on the moving object and try to catch it by running, chasing, or jumping.

Ball toys: Ball toys are more of a physical exercise, but they still end up exercising a cat to its maximum.

Feathered toys: Most cats love to hunt birds, and a feather toy is the closest resemblance to one. Their movement mimics a bird in the wild - this stimulates a cat to pounce, chase, run, and jump.

Grooming Brushes for Cats - PetSutra


The best groomers need the best brushes, right? And the best brush is one that suits the length and texture of your cat's coat.

Slicker brush: This brush is the best basic grooming tool. They are used to remove knots and spread the fur's natural oils evenly.

Tick and Flea brush: A tool to get those pesky ticks and fleas out from their hiding - a tick and flea comb! The teeth on this comb are very close together, making it easy for you to remove dirt, ticks, fleas, and their eggs.

De-matter brush: For cats with long silky coats that mat and stick in summer, a de-matter brush is the only solution. It helps to detangle mats and clumps of fur stuck together, thereby giving your cat's coat a soft texture despite the summer!

Litterbox Wipes

Does something smell icky? You might want to check your cat's litterbox. Litterboxes require regular cleaning to prevent them from harbouring dirt and germs that give out foul odours. Since most cat parents do not have time to clean their cat's litterbox thoroughly, litterbox wipes are an ideal go-to. They contain de-odorising baking soda along with a fresh scent that leaves your home smelling a whole lot better.

Litter box Wipes for Cats - PetSutra

Tick and Flea Products

Seems like summer is always a party for ticks and fleas, and it is about to end! When it comes to ectoparasites like ticks and fleas, there are three things you need - a strong shampoo, a good brush, coconut oil, fish oil or food with coconut/fish, and some treats to reward kitty for all that she has to go through to have them pesky parasites removed. First things first, choose a shampoo that is strong yet gentle on the skin. As medicated shampoo might be, if it ruins your cat's coat, it is of more harm than good. Then, use a good tick and flea comb to comb out the ticks and fleas - the brush must have teeth close together to ensure that ticks and fleas get caught between them. Lastly, remember to feed your cat kibble that is enriched with coconut oil/fish oil or add 2 tbsp of coconut oil/fish oil to your cat's kibble. Coconut oil helps keep ticks and fleas at bay, and fish oil maintains a healthy coat. Don't forget to reward your cat with a handful of treats to help her form a positive association with tick and flea grooming.


There are times when your cat may not feel up to eating because of the weather. In that case, you can consider feeding her food that is easily digestible, like Samolac. Remember that this should be done only for a short period of time - until the kitty regains her lost appetite. If your cat continues to not want to eat, consult your veterinarian to rule out medical problems.

Samolac for Cats - PetSutra


Who can forget treats? I don't think a day goes by where we as cat parents can escape feeding those irresistible purrs and meows a fistful of treats. Be it creamy treats of different flavours or treats made from different fish, your cat deserves the best, and she'll make sure you know that too!

Cat Litter

Clumping litter is easier to clean and doesn't scatter after your cat has defecated in it. Bentonite in clumping litter clumps together as the litter absorbs liquid - this makes it easy for you to identify which parts of the litter you need to take out.