Summer is near, and we cannot be more excited! Just like how you have your stash to keep you cool on those scorching summer days -your dogs need one too! Here's a countdown of our ten best products for your dog this summer.

P.S. be sure to let us know which you and your four-legged fur buddy liked best!

Wet / Gravy Food for Dogs - PetSutra

Wet/Gravy Food

Nothing like yummy chicken chunks or scrumptious herring and shrimp gravy on a hot Wednesday afternoon. A wet food summer diet is always helpful to pet parents who have dogs who don't like to drink water, or more so, for dogs who don't take well to hot days. Switching to a wet food diet helps keep your dog hydrated, and being more palatable, it stimulates their appetite and takes away the decreased-summer appetite. Choose diets rich in carrots and green beans - carrots and green beans are good sources of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, i.e. they help restore electrolyte balance on hot days. On days when your dog is bored of the same ol' diet and the same ol' sweltering weather - give him a change in solely the meat or an entirely new protein - this rotational feeding ensures that he receives an optimal nutritional balance and that wholesome feeling of yummy in his tummy. If you are skeptical of changing your dog's brand of dog food (from kibble to wet), choose the wet form of the diet from the same brand. This way, your dog can adjust easily to his new summer diet, and you can put your mind to rest. However, if your dog doesn't take well to a wet food diet, you can choose to add water to his kibble before mealtime. A wet food diet or a kibble diet with sufficient water is crucial to ensuring that your dog doesn't suffer from undesirable consequences of the heat like a heatstroke.

Dog Beer - PetSutra

Dog Beer

There are no two minds about this one - ask your dog, he'll tell you too! On weekends, as you and your dog lay sunbathing in the park beneath a tree whose leaves hang dry and heavy in the swelter, a round of beer helps to cool the raging temperature. Dog beer does not contain alcohol nor carbonation - it merely mimics the taste of beer that humans drink. The ingredients that go into dog beer - chicken flavouring, flax, dandelion, and barley malt - are responsible for its delectable flavour. Although consumption of dog beer is in no way a substitute for water or nutritionally balanced meals, it makes for a fun way to build and foster strong bonds with your dog. That said, let's see who chugs faster!

Dog Shampoo - PetSutra


Do you spend hours looking for the right shampoo for your dog? Well, look no further - we've got you covered. Tick and flea: Every dog parent's immortal nightmare - ticks and fleas. They just never seem to go away! However, by using the right shampoo, you can nip the menace at the bud. Depending on the extent of the infestation, you can choose a shampoo of high strength or one of lesser strength. Dryness: No one likes a dry coat - not even the dog! Besides feeding your dog a diet rich in coconut, choose a shampoo enriched in olive oilcoconut oilshea butter, or aloe vera - all of which have soothing properties on irritated, dry, and inflamed skin. Hairfall: If hair fall is not associated with a medical condition, use a shampoo with aloe vera, built-in conditioners, and a balanced ph formula. A coat that suffers from hair fall needs to be strengthened with a nutritious, balanced diet along with a shampoo that supports it.

Dog Deodrants and Perfumes - PetSutra


Oh, that sure smelt good! This summer, get that 'doggy' smell out of your homes with the goodness of eucalyptus, verbena, and jasmine. Before you use deodorants on your dog, make sure they're safe and meant for their skin. Using a perfume meant for humans can cause severe skin infections besides being highly stressful to your dog.

Dog Treats for Summer - PetSutra


The need for treats never gets old, be it jerkies or chewies; we will always find our dogs drooling over them. When your dog is bored and rather restless on hot summer days, you can entertain him with treats. Treats can be used as a positive reinforcer during obedience training or as a reward after a round of indoor agility/play. You also choose to stuff treats into a Kong or any other interactive toy that helps curb boredom and boredom-related behaviours - this way, your dog is mentally stimulated for a few hours in the day and does not feel stressed out as a result. Remember, treats are always necessary because they almost always act as a fair motivator in getting our dogs to listen to us.

Dog Grooming Brushes - PetSutra

As fun as beaches and parks in summer maybe, there arises a problem of wet coats and matted fur - especially if your dog is known for his silky coat. Using the right type of brush for your dog's fur can help both of you enjoy the summer sun without having to worry about tangled knotted fur.

Deshedding brushes help to reduce excessive shedding during the shedding season. They remove loose, dead fur from the undercoat so that you won't have flying dog hair that gets caught on expensive furniture. Use de-shedder brushes at the start of every shedding season.

Pin and Bristle brush is used for all coat types, especially long ones. They help dust off debris/dirt collected in the fur while also allowing for a smooth brushing using the pin side. Use Pin and Bristle brushes after a long day at the park or beach, followed by a thorough brushing using a slicker brush.

Slicker Brushes are an all-time favourite because they can do almost anything! However, to keep the brush in good shape, it is recommended to use a pin brush or a de-shedding brush before using a slicker brush.

Dog Beds - PetSutra


It is best to choose beds that are meant for all seasons, i.e., ones that are durable and comfortable at the same time. This way, your dog doesn't have to deal with a different bed every season.

Wet Wipes

When it's hot, things get sticky. And by things, we mean your dog's coat. Since bathing them every week is tedious and harsh on the coat, use wet wipes to make them squeaky clean. Wet wipes are also for dogs who do not like bathing - these wipes are ph balanced, enriched in aloe vera and tea tree, and alcohol-free.

Car Seat Cover for Dogs - PetSutra

Car Seat Cover

An absolute must-have on our list of summer products, car seat covers are always helpful after fun days at the park or beach. Besides keeping your seat clean, they provide a secure space for your dog in the car by minimizing the risk of your dog falling to the front seat whenever you break.

Cooling Bandana

Nothing better than a cooling bandana on a hot summer afternoon. Cooling bandanas work by cooling through the evaporation of water. They're reusable, easy to clean, and above all, can be used for dogs of all ages. That means - no more summer season stress.


We hope this summer is not only enjoyable for you, but also for your doggo. If proper care for summer is taken, your doggy will be one happy dog.