When we bring a furball home, our main focus is to provide a diet enriched with dog nutrition and elements required for healthy growth of our little one. In order to achieve this, we make regular visits to the vet and try to gather every possible information for the same. We even buy the best food we can afford and sometimes go beyond our spending limits to make our dog live a healthy and happy life.

After making such efforts, there are the times; we find our doggo is not growing the way it should be and sometimes we face strong medical conditions that occur when we lack in providing proper dog vitamins and nutrition to it.

This is the time; we realize that apart from a complete and balanced diet there is a need for dog supplements too. In the market, we find a large variety of supplements for dogs meeting various needs as per the age, size, and breed of the dogs, but choosing one from the heap can be tricky. For this, we need expert advice, and before purchasing any dog supplement, we should consult a veterinarian first. 

Importance of Dog Supplements for Pups:

A pupper, who is learning to be alive requires special love and care. After taking birth, a baby doggo needs special nutrients to build its bones, body, and brain. For this, it depends on both breast milk and food.

As we all know, a growing puppy has different nutritional needs than an adult dog as this is the time it grows more than any other phase of its life. At this point, there is a need for providing a combination of balanced diet and dog supplements to our little pal to help it in growing healthy with a good outer and internal strength.

Importance of Dog Supplements for Puppy? - PetSutra

Importance of Dog Supplements for Adult and Senior Dogs:

A doggo, who is in the middle and last years of its life may face some medical issues and the most common is Arthritis. To treat this, vets recommend supplements for dogs enriched with Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The combination of both helps in increasing lubrication within the joints and also repairs cartilage. The dog supplements enriched with these two elements also help in protecting the joints to prevent or slow the progression of Arthritis.

Apart from this, dog supplements also help in slowing down the aging effect and helps in maintaining the body strength of the dogs when they are getting old.

Importance of Dog Supplements for Adult & Senior Dogs? - PetSutra

Important elements of Dog Supplements:


Like us, even dogs need protein to become strong and build a good immune system. Therefore, while choosing a supplement for a dog, one should pay attention to the composition at the back of the pack. A dog supplement should have a proper percentage of meat-proteins in it. Dog supplement enriched with protein help both pup and adult dog in building internal strength and ultimate energy.

Fatty Acids

If you want your pup to grow with a healthy heart and shiny coat and skin, then you should choose fatty acids as the supplement for your doggo. These Acids enriched with omega3, and omega6 also helps in eradicating digestive disorders, eye diseases, and skin allergies.


Like Proteins, Minerals also play an essential role in the growth of the dog in its early years. Minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus are essential for bone and body strength of a dog. A dog lacking these two minerals may face severe Arthritis and other bone-related issues.

Therefore, one should choose these two minerals as the dog supplement for their little furballs.