Just 48 hours after sterilization, the cat increases its daily food intake by about 20% while at the same time, it decreases its energy expenditure by about 30%. Spaying cats causes a decrease in hormonal secretion . This decrease stimulates the cat's appetite and weight gain becomes almost essential if the diet is not suitable.The most critical period is during the 2 months following the operation.

As a result, if he receives food that is too rich in relation to his needs, the excess calories are directly stored in the form of fat reserves.

Therefore, it is recommended to change the food immediately after sterilization by opting for a food suitable for the sterilized cat or the neutered cat.

 The Cat is still hungry? Do's and Dont's

  • Do not increase the recommended daily amount but opt for a food that reduces the feeling of hunger .
  • Distribute the food in several bowls arranged in different places of the house. Place some in height, to force the animal to move and spread the food intake . Be careful not to exceed the daily ration recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Combine the wet form in addition to a dry food (without exceeding the recommended daily ration), so as to provide it with a water supply and a larger volume of food and a lengthening of the meal time.
  • Respect a food transition between the old and the new sterilized cat food . Any new food should never be given abruptly but incorporated gradually on the basis of ten days.