Your bird’s health depends on how well you feed it! Usually, Cockatiels are picky by nature, so variety is the key factor you need to consider while choosing the right Cockatiel food. But, how to make sure that the chosen food guarantees good Cockatiel care? Here’s how you can find which diet actually brings the best in your little bird’s health out of all:

What does a Cockatiel naturally eat?

Cockatiels eat a variety of seeds (grass seeds), fruits, berries, and vegetation. They have been known to raid farmer’s crops. So, while choosing food for your pet birds, it is always better to take expert’s advice.


What all makes a perfect Cockatiel Food?


Seeds for Cockateil - PetSutra

Experts recommend that the seed diet should usually be a blend of plain canary seeds, millets, hulled oats, and sunflower seeds.


Additionally, the seeds must be provided with a variety of greens and fruits. The good thing is, Cockatiels love to peel seeds off the seed trays which makes a good form of activity.


How much?


1.5-2 level tablespoons of seeds a day.


*Note- Seeds contain only small amounts of Vitamin A, thus, should not be a standalone part of a Cockatiel’s diet.


Precautions- Make sure that the seed tray must be clean, whenever the food is served.



Pellets for Cockateil - PetSutra

Owing to their nutritional content, bird specialists recommend pellets as a major part of Cockatiel food. Ideally, you should start young birds on pellets. But if you have missed that, you can introduce them to the pellet diet starting with small amounts, mixed with their regular vet-recommended diet.


How much?

The ideal cockatiel food consists of 70-80 percent of pellets to fulfill their nutritional needs.


Fruits for Cockateil - PetSutra

Cockatiel care becomes easy with these delectable options- mangoes, apricots, nectarines, papayas, peaches, apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, melons are few fruits that can be a part of Cockatiel food. You may switch the options to avoid monotony.


*Note: Make sure that your cockatiel does not consume any seeds from fruits. For eg. Cherry pits contain tiny amounts of cyanide and can be dangerous. The fruits should be washed thoroughly to ensure the removal of every trace of pesticides or any other chemicals.




Vegetables for Cockateil - PetSutra

Thankfully, most Cockatiels love vegetables. So you may include these vegetables in your little one’s diet- sprouts, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, broccoli, dried tomatoes, beet greens, grated carrots, mixed greens, kale.


Additionally, yams, pumpkin and sweet potato when cooked, are other options as Cockatiel food.


How Much?

Fruits and vegetables together should make up to 20-25 percent of the Cockatiel food, not more than that.

Protein and Meat

Protein and Meat for Cockateil - PetSutra

Not just humans, protein is essential for Cockatiels as well. Good sources of protein include chicken, fish, eggs, lean cooked meat, cheese, and other dairy foods.


How Much?


In this case, moderation is the key!


While these foods are considered good for a Cockatiel, we will advise you to have an in-person consultation with a vet regarding your bird’s diet and overall care, since the dietary requirements vary with various factors like age and weight of a bird.


Ensuring the right Cockatiel food and care can add years to your little birdie’s lifespan.


Happy Parenting!