“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole”, said Roger Caras, an eminent American wildlife photographer, writer, preservationist and television personality of the 20th Century. This phrase so aptly mirrors the spontaneity with which we smile when we think of our dogs. Feeling happy, right?

Call it your furball, or your comforting canine, or your fluffy mate, a dog makes us laugh, comforts us when we’re feeling the blues, and keeps us engaged even when the chips are down. But, do you know why exactly dogs are called a Human’s Best Friend?Don’t scratch your head; we are here to give you the answers!  

Dogs give ‘feel good vibes.’

Imagine that you are back home after a bad day, and you believe nothing can cheer you up, one look at your little furry friend and all the pensive emotions vanish!

As per some studies, dogs can sense your emotions, and if they feel you are not happy, they will try to cheer you up till they see a visibly happy you.

A dog is a ‘Powerhouse of Positivity’ that fills your surroundings with ‘feel-good vibes,’ and in their presence, you feel relaxed.

According to some researches, this happens due to the effect of the “love hormone” Oxytocin. According to these researches, while interacting with dogs, Oxytocin level shoots up in both dogs and their parents that leads to a great bonding between both. 

Pooches are therapists!

Dogs: Human’s Best Friends in all Thick and Thins!
Anxiety and Depression are common issues today; manifesting not only in old or middle-aged people but, impacting youngsters too. Proper medication, love, and affection go a long way in ensuring they do not turn into chronic issues. Here too, dogs help a lot as they provide unconditional love to humans.

A dog not only soothes your mind but also feeds love and affection to your soul. This love many times helps in fighting Anxiety and Depression. Some dogs are specially trained to give support to people who are going through this phase of life. These dogs are called Service or Therapy dogs, who help people in fighting with mental issues they are going through. 

‘Little Paws’ help in healing pain.

Dogs: Human’s Best Friends in all Thick and Thins!
There are many cases where dogs have proven themselves as best healers, especially during cancer treatments. They provide companionship and assistance in the whole treatment process and also provide emotional support to their loving humans.

These little paws provide love and affection to the patients who are vulnerable to isolation and other mental issues as the disease impacts their lives.

In such a situation, spending time with a dog-petting its soft fur, talking without fear of judgment, and being on the receiving end of all that unconditional love can help raise patients’ spirits even while their bodies are weak, bearing the pain of tough process of treatment.

A study conducted with head and neck cancer patients at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City found that although their physical well-being deteriorated during chemotherapy, patients who spent time with a therapy dog before each treatment, reported an increase in their emotional and social well-being. 

Unborn feel safe when a fur ball is around!

Dogs: Human’s Best Friends in all Thick and Thins!
There are a lot of researches conducted by the researchers on the effects on humans when fur balls are around. One such study that was published last year suggests that Pets help kids build immunity even before they’re born. According to this study, children who were exposed to dogs while still in the womb-as their mothers spent time around dogs during pregnancy-had a lower risk of developing eczema and they develop gut microbes in their early childhood.

Also, children exposed to certain bacteria carried by dogs also experienced a reduction of asthma symptoms, the researchers noted. 

Elderly people enjoy good health.

Dogs: Human’s Best Friends in all Thick and Thins!
Apart from this, dogs have also given a gift of a healthy life to many elderly humans, who usually face physical issues as they grow old.

According to a paper published in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health, dog owners are more likely to walk for leisure purposes than non-pet owners.

Along with this, several studies conducted by renowned universities like the University of Missouri in Columbia and Glasgow Caledonian University in the United Kingdom, a common thing these studies found is that the elderly aged dog parents who are mostly 60 or above enjoy better health thanks to the “enforced” exercise they get by walking their dogs.

Thus, we can say that a dog has that ability to snap you out of every adverse situation and when you live with a cute fur ball around, you just can’t imagine living your life in any other way!!