As more and more puppies find forever homes, there seems to be a significant problem that needs to be addressed - when is the right age to give a puppy away? As much as we enjoy finding perfect homes for our pups, we must realize that waiting until the right age is crucial for both puppies and their new parents.

When is the 'right' age?

Puppies must never go away earlier than eight weeks/two months of age. The right age begins

at eight weeks and goes on to twelve weeks, in accordance with the puppy's emotional and physical health. Unfortunately, with a surge in puppies finding forever homes, there comes a rather nasty evil of irresponsible breeders and confused pet parents giving away their puppies too early. Irrespective of your or your breeder's level of dog expertise, if the puppy has a mother, it has to leave for its new home at or after eight weeks of age.

What to consider before giving a puppy away?

Before you give them away, here is a thorough checklist of what you should know and learn of your puppies -

Eight Weeks Old: Make sure your puppy is two months old before you give him/her away.

Up-to-date Vaccinations: It is best to ensure your puppy is up to date with all her/his vaccinations before going away to their new home. In addition to this, you may also cover for their deworming schedule until two months.

Puppy's Physical Health: Puppies who are weak cannot leave until they are healthy. The best person to determine your pup's physical health is your veterinarian. Certain puppies may suffer from underlying medical conditions that require them to stay in the comfort and warmth of their mother until they are healthy enough to leave home, simply because a new environment is added stress on a system that is already fighting an illness.

Puppy's Emotional Health: Some puppies may require more socialisation and training before they leave for their new homes, and in most cases, these are puppies that are either too rambunctious or too skittish. Such puppies need an extra effort from your end to get them to be well-socialised and well-behaved puppies. Sometimes, however, personalities are far too ingrained to be changed. In such cases, it is best for you to find a family that is comfortable and accepting of your puppy's personality and temperament.

These reasons might seem trivial to a lot of us, but it is necessary for us, as dog parents, to realise the importance of giving puppies away at the right age. Finding forever homes is a time of responsibility, and although we cannot stop breeders from giving away puppies too early, we can be responsible ourselves!