Dealing with unpleasant Cat odour issue? Well!! Cats are usually extremely well-groomed animals and take extra care of their own cleanliness and hygiene. So most often, the smell problem is not coming from the Cats themselves but from their litter boxes. So now when you know the actual reason for the bad odour in the house, here’s how you can deal with it.

Fixing the litter type

There are different types of litters available and they affect the odour produced. If you have multiple Cats, make sure each one has their own litter box!

You can experiment with brands and textures as all Cats have their own preferences and certain textures and ingredients work better than others in masking odours. Some clay-based litters are specifically for blocking odours. So, you can also opt these to tackle this issue.

Also, suggested by some vets, you can also use powder based deodorants that helps in neutralizing and absorbing unpleasant litter tray odours. 

Pick an apt location for the litter box

The litter box should be placed in a secluded location in the house. However, this does not mean a damp, dark corner because such an area would not be well-ventilated. If there is not a proper air flow, the smell would increase thereby increasing the problem. Keep it at a place that has proper ventilation. 

Scooping regularly

Not scooping from the litter box regularly can be a major reason for cat odour in your house. It is important to scoop out the faeces from the litter box every single day without fail! You can, however, buy some gadgets that will store the scooped up matter and don’t allow the smell to come out of it. So, while you will still have to scoop every day, you won’t have to carry bags to the garbage bins every single day and can just do it once, at the end of the week.  

You are what you eat

Just like humans, what the Cat is eating has a huge impact on what they smell like and what their urine and faeces smell like. If your pet is not eating right, it can stink up your house!

 In an immediate result, it affects the litter box smell. If you’re feeding cheap food, the Cat won’t digest it fully hence leading to a bad smell. If they’re eating healthy and keeping fit, the odour is less likely to be strong.  It is also important to avoid grain as much as possible as it is indigestible to Cats and results in smelly stools.   

Cat Wipes

Cats could pick up odours from other environments such as playing outside and getting smelly substances stuck to the fur. In this case, Cat wipes or even baby wipes can be a quick solution as they have the correct pH formulation for the skin, they are non-toxic and can be used regularly to clean the fur and dirty paws. Even for regular cleaning, they are excellent for removing dirt and grime. 

Clean Bedding

Your Cat’s bedding and blankets can be a source of some musty smells so make sure that they are being washed and cleaned regularly. 

Food and water area

Stale food or water left out for a long time can be a breeding ground for insects or bacterial infections and can release a bad smell too. It is important to clean out the water bowls and food bowls regularly with water and soap and also change the water often in order to eradicate both infection and bad smell. 

So, with these few tips, you can make sure your Cat and its surroundings smell fresh and lovely all the time and your house stays free of any strange odours!

Happy Petting!!