Pet wellness and health, has and will always remain top priority in the realm of pet care. To assist pet parents, technology has made some significant and relevant advancements, enabling round the clock regulating of pets.

Pet Monitoring Apps

With the customer base becoming increasingly tech-savvy, apps are helping them with caring for their pets. There are apps that help pet parents to search for dog sitters who would be able to walk and care for their pets when they are away. Some apps enable background checks on dog walkers, while also enabling the live tracking of their pet’s activities with photos or videos. Pet parents are able to monitor the distance covered, and whether their pet pooped and peed. These apps also provide information of pet boarding and grooming and house-sitting service. There are apps that provide information on the best vets in town, along with vet appointments, medication, and nutritional requirements. There are also apps that enable pet parents to connect with other pet owners, while also receiving information on pet services such as doggie cafes, pet parks, groomers and vets, day care and longer duration boarding facilities. 

Home Monitoring Technology

When leaving their pets at home, pet parents still want to make sure that their pets are fine and well. The home monitoring technology enables them to keep a watch on their ‘babies’. These technologies go beyond cameras – some enable two-way video communication, some even dispense treats, while others allow pets to ‘call’ their owner if they are ‘missing them’


Pet doors, while allowing pets to move in and out of the house at will, security concerns and unwelcome ‘other creatures’ have pushed the need for high-tech solutions. RFID tags attached to the collar of pets, trigger and open pet doors – allowing passage only for the pet, while monitoring the number of times the pet used the ‘tech door’ and when the pet is back inside. 

The rise in pet technology is helping pet parents to care better and ‘raise’ happier and healthier pets. Tech advancements ensure two-way communication, and while this is not a substitute for personal interaction, they do make life easier for both pets and their owners