Changing weather means altered needs for your feline friend, especially during the winter season. You definitely don’t want your little one to suffer, hence proper cat care is a must.

So, let us guide you on how to take care of your cat in the winter season:

Young or old, both demand care

How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
Attention should be paid equally to a younger and an older cat in winter for different reasons. While the former is less efficient in maintaining normal body temperature, the latter may suffer from age-related factors, intensified by cold temperatures, such as arthritis, a plunge in immune function or reduced muscle mass. 


How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
If you stay in areas where temperatures are considerably low or if your cat is a hairless breed, then you should opt for woollen sweaters for them. Remember, the clothes that you provide to your cat in winter should be of the appropriate size, i.e, neither too tight nor too loose. Quality of the sweater is another must, since cheap quality woollens may give them rashes. 


How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
To make sure that the bedding is comfortable enough for your cat in winter, consider moving it to a higher place if it’s on the ground. This is because the floors are colder during winters. If your cat is old or suffers from arthritis, the lower temperatures may cause joint stiffness and they may find difficulty in jumping to their bed when shifted at a higher place.

In this case, you could place an additional piece of furniture which will act as a ladder to reduce the distance between their bed and the floor to make it easier for them.  

Cat Nutrition

How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
Clearly, one of the most important factors to achieve your cat care goals the right way!

Experts believe that cats tend to eat 15% more in winters as compared to the summer season, thus focusing on cat nutrition and their consumption pattern is a must. Providing the right cat food according to their age is important. It is observed that most of the cats are allergic to grains or have a hard time digesting them. If your cat also falls under this category, then, you should opt for grain-free food for your furry friend.

Variety is the key to avoid monotony in their meal. 


How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
Hydration is as important for cats in winter as it is in summers. To ensure the same, instead of leaving water in their bowl, you must offer it to your feline at frequent intervals. Also, make sure that you luke-warm the water if it is cold. Water kept in a bowl for too long is vulnerable to contamination. Cleansing the utensil thoroughly every day is another must. 

Outdoor Time

How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
Winter shouldn’t mean being locked indoors. Frequent physical activities and outdoor time are important factors to avoid monotony and ensure the right cat care. It’s vital for a healthy physical and mental being. To get your cat used to the changing temperature, you may as well start taking them outdoors so that the process of adaptation to the lower temperature is easier for them.

Also, did you know? The falling temperature encourages a cat’s body to adapt by growing a thicker coat which helps in building up winter immunities.

So, go on have some fun outdoor time with your cat in the winter season too! 

Stray Cats

How To Care For Your Cat In Winters?
Cat care meant for pet cats only? Not done!

If possible, take the kind initiative to provide shelter to the homeless cats in your vicinity. Cats do not need a lot of space, just enough to stand and move about and protect themselves from the harsh weather. It is also observed that a cat in winter often relies on their mates for warmth, they create their own tight spaces within the shelter. Considering that, whatever small haven that you can provide them will be an act of kindness 🙂 

Now that you know how to care for a cat in winters, make sure your feline friend has a comfortable and happy season. In fact, we think it is the perfect time to cuddle and get cosy with your little one and enjoy the weather!

Happy Parenting!