Fan of slobbery kisses and puppy-dog eyes? Or a dog so cute that it could melt the hardest of hearts? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a name that oozes royalty, luxury, and sophistication, these pooches are absolutely fabulous! From being cuddly lapdogs to active exercise partners, there isn't a thing that this pup can't do!


Sweet, kind, loving, gentle, affectionate - these were the traits that made the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel top-dog in the castle of King Charles II. In the early 1500s, Spaniels were brought to Scotland, where King Charles II grew so fond of them that he lent them his name. Thus, was born the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - a breed we love and enjoy today!

About the Breed


An adequate proportion of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre is essential for good health. Protein is best obtained from animal protein instead of vegetable proteins. When feeding a King Charles Spaniel, age-related diets are best to support a healthy weight and growth. This, along with dietary supplements for strong bones, healthy skin, good digestion, and robust immunity, is essential. Remember never to overfeed your King Charles Spaniel since they tend to gain weight quickly. This, coupled with heart complications that the breed is predisposed to, can shorten the quality of life. 


That feathery coat looks best when groomed, right? Grooming a King Charles Spaniel is always worth the effort because of how stunning they look after. Daily brushing and a few trips to the groomers can keep your pup's coat in good shape. You can also choose to trim their nails (if living in an apartment) and brush their teeth once a week to avoid gingivitis.


King Charles Spaniels benefit from a one hour walk twice a day. Besides this, they can enjoy activities that do not put much pressure on their heart, like swimming. Exercising a King Charles Spaniel must be balanced - not too less to put on weight and not too much to put pressure on the heart and soften joints. 


They're smart and easy to train - a perfect combination! King Charles Spaniels are one of the easiest breeds to train, and they enjoy it wholeheartedly!


They are prone to several heart problems that shorten the breed's quality of life. Unfortunately, the only way to correct this is good food, routine health checkups, exercises to strengthen the heart, and adoption from a reputable breeder. 


They're the sweetest, most loving dogs in the dog world. They're wonderful family dogs for any kind of family - big or small! This playful, affectionate, patient and gentle pooch will always stay the baby of the family!

Do you think this is your perfect pooch?
They are ideal apartment dogs.
King Charles Spaniels are easy to train and do not require much exercise
They are excellent with children 
King Charles Spaniels do not bark much except to alert the family. 
They are the quintessential urban city dog.

With every perfect dog comes certain downsides - 
They suffer from several heart problemsThey do not like being left alone
King Charles Spaniels need to be groomed often
They are not the best choice for those who suffer from fur allergies.
They are highly prey-driven, which means sharing a home with other pets like cats and birds is an absolute no.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the perfect dog for every occasion! They are becoming increasingly common in the field of therapy and guidance. Remember to do your homework before your heart falls for those irresistible puppy eyes.