Droopy, Dozing, Drool - the Basset Hound has the longest ears in the dog world. Basset Hounds are longer than they are tall and are so heavy-boned that if a Basset Hound tries to swim, it will sink!


Basset Hounds come from Bloodhounds, who are known for their long floppy ears, wet noses and excellent sense of smell. French aristocrats bred the Basset Hound to hunt and find rabbits. A Basset's short legs kept his nose close to the ground, which helped them in their job of tracking. Moreover, humans on foot found it easier to hunt with the Basset because of their slow running pace. 

About the Breed


Basset Hounds love to eat, but they are also one of the top breeds that suffer from severe obesity, arthritis, thyroid problems etc. Most Basset Hounds are on a special diet prescribed by the vet. These diets are usually free from carbohydrates, fats, and bulky protein. They are made up of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and dietary fibre that keep a Basset feeling full for most of the day.


Although Bassets shed, they are effortless to groom. A daily brushing and a yearly visit to the groomers should keep your pooch in perfect shape. However, nail trims and ear cleaning must be done once a week.


Bassets need a good two-hour daily exercise to keep them from putting on unnecessary weight. However, most Bassets find it hard to walk long distances at a stretch, for which you can break the two hours into four short one hour walks. Never give up on exercise no matter how lazy you or your Basset may feel because the consequences of that will do more harm than good to your Basset's health and livelihood.


Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn when it comes to learning rules and being obedient. Basset Hounds don't want to listen because they like things done their way. A Basset Hound needs patience, effort, and long term commitment when it comes to training. This isn't a dog for anyone who does not know how to deal with a stubborn dog or one who does not wish to invest time and effort into positive reinforcement training. 


Basset Hounds suffer from spinal complications, arthritis, bloating, obesity, ear infections, and respiratory problems. They need routine veterinary checkups, wholesome food, and daily exercise to ensure a long and healthy life. 


Charming, childish, and cuddly - what more could you ask for in a dog? Basset Hounds are calm, gentle, docile, even-tempered dogs that are perfect for any family - big or small.

Can't get enough of those adorable eyes and goofy personality? There's more to a Basset than that - 
Basset Hounds make great family dogs because of their calm, devoted, and gentle nature.
Basset Hounds need minimal coat grooming.
Basset Hounds are excellent dogs to have in a house or apartment as long as they're exercised regularly.

A Basset may look cute and cuddly, but is it right for you?
Basset Hounds love to howl/bark.
They have a fair amount of health complications that may increase your expense at the vet.
They need a special diet to keep them from putting on weight
Basset Hounds dig up almost everything
Basset Hounds are not easy to train because of their independent streak.

It's a party dog, alright! Basset Hounds are always the centre of attention, and rightfully so! This is a breed that will stick by your side no matter what and fill your life with unforgettable sloppy-kissed memories.