Dalmatians are unique because of their black and white spots and have been made famous by the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’. They originate from Croatia and  were originally bred to be a coach dog due to their strong running abilities. After being bred by lords and lady as a status symbol, they were commonly trained by firemen to clear a path for their horse drawn fire trucks.

These dogs have an average height of Female: 56–58 cm, Male: 58–61 cm and weigh Female: 16–24 kg, Male: 15–32 kg. They have a life span of 10-13 years. Their coat colours are Liver & White, Black & White.

Dalmatians are smart and mischievous dogs, they enjoy being around people and making them laugh with their funny antics. They tend to have boundless energy and are forever willing to exercise and play. This high activity level and social tendencies make them an excellent companion for people who like to spend their time training for marathons, going for long bike rides, or skating along beach boardwalks. Dalmatians excel in sports and performing tricks and are very easy to train because of their desire to please people. It's important to Dalmatians to be part of the family. They like to be with their people and know everything that's going on. 

Dalmatians shed a lot, their hair is short and stiff and hence tends to weave into all kinds of fabric like the sofa, blankets and clothing. Weekly brushing of the smooth, dense coat helps to remove the dead hairs before they land in the house, but you'll never be entirely free of them. They do not tend to have a strong odour and their coats are relatively low oil production hence they can be given baths only once a month. 

Like most dogs, Dalmatians become bored when left to their own devices. They can easily become noisy or destructive if they don't have other dogs to keep them company and don't receive much attention from their people. Dalmatians are also good with children and other animals especially dogs.

Uric acid bladder/kidney stones, deafness, eye diseases, hip dysplasia and heart diseases. before you bring a Dalmatian home, remember to never ever bring a pup home from a puppy mill as the breeding practices at these places result in weak and unhealthy practices. These mills also tend to be cruel to the sire and dam. Ensure that you get a pup from an ethical and certified breeder and acquire pedigree charts.