Picture this: You’re all set to enjoy a nice lazy weekend. Your pooch appears to be busy with his toys. You’ve got a line-up of shows you have been waiting to binge watch and you settle in with a bag of chips. Suddenly, your dog runs into the room, circles around the sofa at full speed, then runs away to the other room. His energy is inexplicable. Seconds later you see him back to his usual self with a smile on his cute face. 

For a new dog parent, such behaviour can cause a lot of anxiety. You might wonder if your poor pooch has gone crazy. But fret not. Seasoned dog parents would tell you that this sort of a behaviour is, in fact, quite common among certain dogs. 

These dogs go crazy and round around the house with full enthusiasm, especially after or before getting a bath. Sometimes the dogs also run around in circles in your backyard even when they are not after a fly. 

The behaviour might appear silly but it is a condition known as zoomies, and it refers to your dog getting full-on energy from somewhere. But should you be worried?  Let’s get the answers here! In this post we will discuss about why do dogs get Zoomies and how to get them out of it.

What Are Zoomies?

Zoomies are scientifically called Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs) that you can normally see in dogs. But not all dog species are prone to zoomies.

Zoomies happen when the dog is releasing his pent-up energy after a long time. If you have locked up to your pet in a room or haven’t been around him for a while, then finally, when he gets the time to enjoy himself, he would get zoomies. For example, if your dog is in the house for a while and you finally take him out on a run, he will get super excited and run around in circles for a while. It looks funny when dogs get zoomies and scary if you are not a dog person. But there is nothing to be worried about. 

How Do Zoomies Look Like?

When your dog gets zoomies, he will release the bottle up energy, and it might look like frantic frolics in the backyard of your house or jump inside the house. When dogs get zoomies, they are at the full-on energy level. They behave unexpectedly, and sometimes the behaviour is repetitive. Sometimes they bark randomly or start playing with their toys and try to convince you to join them in the game. But if this is a puppy we are talking about, then avoid joining them when they are getting zoomies because puppies usually nibble at their favourite owners all the time, and during the FRAPs, those nibbles can turn into bites. If you are a new dog owner, then you will have to know when and how your dog gets zoomies and how to treat her during these situations. 

When and Where Do Zoomies Happen?

Zoomies in dogs are most common at the same time every day or at least after a certain activity like taking a bath. Sometimes they have zoomies after waking up each morning or having a satisfying poop. Zoomies are mostly seen in young dogs, but old dogs or middle-aged dogs can also get zoomies from time to time. But the younger the dog, the most likely he will get zoomies. Young dogs tend to have more energy than the old ones, and if they don’t get time or chance to release those energies, then they will do that through zoomies after certain activities. So, zoomies are safe, and there is nothing to be worried about when your dog is getting them all of a sudden. But you should learn some tips on how to handle a dog in zoomies.

How to Treat a Dog When He is Having Zoomies?

When your dog is having zoomies, it is better to let him be and not interrupt his behaviour or be worried about it. But make sure to keep him in a safe place and away from people who are scared of dogs. 

Make sure your backyard fences do not have any breakable items or children. Also, try to get your dog to a safe and wide place when he is having zoomies and avoid hardwood floors or surfaces that are slick. Since dogs are mostly very energetic and almost low in wits during FRAPs, their safety is in your hands. If you know that your dog is going to get zoomies after a bath, then take them to a place that is safe and away from other dogs, if possible.  

Also, do not try to chase your dog when he is having zoomies because that can become dangerous. If you are in a situation where you have many guests coming, and your dog is starting to get zoomies, you will need to get him out of there immediately. Also, note that your dogs don’t remember all the training that you have provided them with when he is having zoomies. And when you chase after them, they might take it as a signal that you are playing with them, and they will zoom some more. You should rather take them away from the current place and put them somewhere safe where they are not going to hurt themselves or others around.

Just remember that zoomies are safe as long as they are not hurting anybody. But if you are worried about your dog’s behaviour during zoomies, you can make a chart about when they are appearing, how they are reacting, etc. and talk to the vet. But if your dog is having zoomies frequently and more than a few times a day, then it might suggest that you are not giving them enough physical or mental stimulation. And in that case, you will have to think about that.