Never let your Dog or Puppy nibble!

The biting dog  grabs a person's hand, forearms or clothing and squeezes very little the first few times and then it becomes harder .When it is still a puppy, his teeth are small and fine. They don't hurt that much. But when the puppy has grown into a dog with adult teeth, the biting is painful. Instead of nibbling, the dog, one day or another, is likely to bite.

Why does the Dog bite?

Nibbling is a normal part of exploring the dog's environment. Nibbling is a sign of affection on the part of the puppy and the adult dog. The puppy nibbles his siblings to test their strength and hers. When they start to cry, the puppy feels pleasure and notes with satisfaction that he dominates them. If his siblings start to get aggressive, the puppy will nibble at them and try to limit their aggression in this way.

When he wants to play, he nibbles his fellows to solicit them. When he no longer wants to play with them, he also nibbles them to tell them to stop. By biting, the puppy acquires its self-controls.

How to stop the puppy from biting?

You should never let yourself be nibbled, even  lightly. One day or another, the bite will be a bite with all its consequences.

  • The puppy should be taught obedience as early as possible. If he nibbles, he should be given basic commands immediately such as "sit" and  it must be rewarded immediately.
  • One must try not to have a withdrawal reaction from the nibbled hand. The recoil of the hand encourages the dog to nibble harder. Don't yell if possible. Not having a strong and aggressive behaviour towards the dog who could become even more prone to nibble
  • We must ignore the dog. If the biting occurs during the game, without a word, the parent should walk away
When the puppy bites, the parent should immediately say "no" and ignore it. If the dog continues to nibble, say "no" to him, look him fixedly in the eyes, pick him up and lift him by the skin of the neck, shaking him a little, rest him and  must not be interested in him for 15 minutes.

A squeaky toy is another possibility of redirecting the dog's attention.The game of tugging is only possible if the parent decides to play it first, and if he can remove the rope from the dog's mouth when he wants.

In conclusion, the prohibition of any biting is essential in controlling this behaviour.