Yes, dogs do get bored. The change in behaviour might be confused with them being destructive, vying for attention, or sometimes just being lazy. But when not mentally stimulated enough or kept busy, dogs do get bored and look for ways to entertain themselves. The trouble is that more often than not, their idea of a good time is destroying things lying around. What that means is that your most expensive rug could be ruined in seconds only because your pooch was getting bored!

But fret not! You can train your dog not to get bored when you are not around. In this post, we are going to share some sure-fire tips to help you cheer your dog whenever they are bored. 

Why Does Your Most Entertaining Pet-Buddy Get Bored?

Look, we all get bored when we keep doing something for a long time. But you can't confuse ‘bored’ with being lazy because pups are usually cheerful and energetic. And when they get bored, you can also expect them to do something more charming than binge-watching a dog movie on Netflix. Sometimes the simple exercises or soft toys can’t help your dog enough to get him out of boredom. And during those times, they get frustrated and do things that we don't like. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you have a dog at home:

Their impulsive behaviour can get worse if practised for a long time. That's why we always tell dog owners to keep their puppies engaged in positive activities rather than what they think is good for fun.

If you bring up a small puppy to a home full of multiple big dogs, he will have playmates to play with. That way, you can keep these small puppies entertained even though they are going to annoy the hell out of the older dogs.

Keeping the small puppies entertained is always your responsibility. You will always have to engage with your puppies positively to help them keep physically active and mentally healthy. Training and play activities help you keep them out of boredom.

Most dogs get naughty when they have nothing to do and find the job boring. So if you keep them busy with fun activities, they are less likely to ruin your household stuff. But if that does not help, you will know that your dog is getting bored.

How Do You Know When Your Pup Gets Bored?

Some intelligent dog species need more mental stimulation than others. Golden retriever, German Shepherd, Border Collies, Poodles, etc., dogs are deemed to be the most intelligent ones. If you have one in your household, then you will have to do something to keep them entertained. But if there is nothing to do, they will find their own fun activities and annoy you. The most common signs that your puppy is bored include the following:

  • A bored puppy can bark at strangers or anything that she sees just to hear the sound of her voice. It is also a method of releasing the bottled-up energy inside of their bodies.
  • Sometimes when the dog is bored, they dig up your backyard. If there is nothing else to do, this behaviour will become their constant habit and hard to break.
  • Another most common behaviour of boredom is that they chew out things that are not supposed to be chewed. If they have no soft toys to play with or have but don't like, they can even chew up your mattress or pillows, for example. 
  • Sometimes they jump out of frustration or simply because they are bored, and it can scare off your guests.
  • They can paw at you when you are working or going somewhere or even taking a bath, simply because they want attention and want to do something with you.
When your dog shows these behaviours, you could do a few things to make him happy.

How to Stop Boredom in Dogs?

  • Train Him with Exercises
Unlike us humans, when a dog is tired, he tends to behave because the more energetic a dog is, the naughtier he will become. When you give your dog enough exercise, he will poop and go to take a nap. It is a win-win situation where everyone will be happy. Even though we don't have much time to help our dog exercise, you can do this before you go to work. For example, if you walk or let him run for at least 45 or 50 minutes in the morning, it will be enough for the rest of the day. 

  • Send Him to Daycare
Like children’s daycare, dogs have daycare centres too. And if you go to work in the morning and don't return home before evening, then a dog daycare centre will be the best place for your bored puppy. Here he will be able to play with other dogs, and when he returns home, he will get exhausted.

  • Buy Them Some New Toys
The possibility is your dog is bored with all the older toys he has. If you want to save your expensive carpet and shoes, you can invest in some soft toys for your pooch.

  • Bring Home Another Dog
Dogs like to play with other dogs; it's that simple. Houses with multiple dogs inside make the best and peaceful place ever. However, you need to make sure that the dogs get along and not fight with each other otherwise, it will be the worst-case scenario for all of you. Also, when you bring home other dogs, make sure you talk with the dog behaviourists or trainers and ask them how to keep multiple dogs at home.

These are all the things you can do to make your canine happy when he is bored. If we missed the point, feel free to point it out in the comment section.